‘Sorry, sorry,’ Alvin said as he jumped in the car. He didn’t get much of a response from the other four in blue overalls as they pulled away from the curb.

    ‘Kid, if you’re late again, you’re out,’ Scully said as he pulled on latex gloves.

    ‘I said, I’m sorry.’

    ‘Alright, he’s here. Can we hear the goddamn job now?’ Keagan asked.

    ‘We got a shipping container full of illegals sittin’ at the docks. Guys that brought’em in got knicked before they could let’em out, so they been sittin’ there about a month now.’

    ‘Shit, that ain’t gonna smell pretty,’ Alvin said.

    ‘No, it ain’t. Gonna be a two day job. We get rid of the bodies tonight, take’em to the fields. Tomorrow we go back and clean up.’

    ‘Who’s letting us in?’

    ‘Guard’s gonna leave the back gate open, but there’s somethin’ else.’


    ‘One of the bodies was a Yakuza boss. They want him back. They already took care of the guys that fucked up and I don’t intend for any of us to be next,’ Scully said.

    ‘How we gonna spot him?’

    ‘From what they tell me, he ain’t hard to miss. Shaved head, tribal tats. We scoop him, ship him home, burn the rest. Turn here,’ Scully said as he directed the driver to a dirt road leading around the compound. Scully jumped out and pulled the loose chain off the gate and waved the car and trailer through.

    They rolled quietly through the lanes between shipping containers. The headlights illuminating the emptiness in front of them and the tail lights leaving a red glow in their wake.

    ‘Should be around here. Twenty-one thirty-three.’

    The car pulled to a stop and they all filtered out. They searched the numbers on the containers until Alvin shouted, ‘over here!’

    Two of them got to work on cutting the locks while the other three pulled body bags and rolls of plastic from the trailer.

    ‘Jeez. I can smell’em from out here,’ Alvin said as he squeezed on the bolt cutters.

    ‘Tonight, princess,’ Scully said. Alvin used as much force as he could muster but the lock held. He gave up, barely made a dent. ‘Move aside.’

    Scully gave it a go, after adjusting his grip a couple times he managed to cut through the steel.

    ‘I warmed it up for you.’

    ‘Only thing you ever warmed up for me was my coffee.’

    Scully swung the door open to darkness. He flicked on his torch and shone the light inside. He’d become desensitized to the kind of thing he was looking at, but Alvin hadn’t. He looked around in horror at the bodies piled up around the place, the blood, shit and piss pooled all over the floor and splattered across the walls. 

    The light landed on movement in the back corner and Scully and Alvin’s eyes went wide. They were looking at a Japanese man, tattoo sleeves and a chest piece. Black eyes. He was covered head to toe in blood, old and new. He had a human arm in his hand, chewing on it like a chicken drumstick while sitting on a chair made of torsos and heads.

    He looked up, free, no longer contained.