Firas Janabi was born in Poland to an Iraqi father and an Algerian mother. He was raised in Australia from the age of two, then after graduating high school lived in Italy for two years, then the Netherlands for two more. He has a Dutch wife, a blonde son, and a good sense of humour. He has spent a considerable amount of time seeing the word, filling his life's resume with one of the only things that matters for a writer: experience. From jumping off a bridge in Colombia to jumping off a cliff on the east coast of Italy. From being hijacked at gunpoint on an Iraqi highway to near-drowning saving a life on a beach in Ecuador.


Firas's interest in writing started at a young age. His obsession with stories started as an obsession with movies, and likely just an excuse to watch more of them. He has developed his crisp voice while floating between writing both prose and scripts, before firmly landing on the Novelist side of the fence with a filmmaker's eye for visuals and a less-is-more approach to description.

Firas lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and son, working on his next novel PROXY: Experience Anything.